Brief introduction

We have established laboratories which are leading in domestic market and advanced worldwide, including functional test room (efficiency, power factor and standby power consumption), environment laboratory (high/low temperature humid heat test), EMC laboratory (conduction, static electricity, surge, etc.), test room of charging pile interoperability (interoperability, protocol, safety performance, etc.) and safety test room (dielectric strength, insulation resistance, etc.). The test capability covers the key part test of charging pile, test of AC charging pile and test of non-vehicle-mounted DC charging motors.

Our Strengths
Applicability schemes of laws and regulations
Interpretation of foreign retailer files
Improvement scheme of nonconforming products
Real-time tracking of test progress
24h online WeChat after-sales services
Favorable price and fast period
Service process
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File an application
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Review application
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Determine test items
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Send catalogue and samples
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Detection results
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Sample detection
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Issue a report
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Report detection progress
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