"CEGN" and "Dolphin Baobao" work together to create a full service of charging piles

"Dolphin Baobao" charging pile insurance
Charging pile product liability insurance

The charging pile manufactured by the charging pile manufacturer can be insured with product liability insurance. The legal liability for personal and property losses caused by safety accidents due to product defects during the use of the product.

Charging pile product liability insurance

Provide "one-stop insurance" insurance service for charging stations:

> Guarantee the property safety of the charging pile;

> When the new energy owner comes to the charging station for charging, there is a risk of personal damage to the owner due to a safety accident;

> Safety accidents occurred when the staff in the charging station operate the charging pile daily

"Dolphin Baobao" new energy vehicle insurance

· New energy vehicle insurance is underwritten with the most favorable quotation;

· More than 5 optional auto insurance products;

· One stop system quotation;

· Vehicle insurance quotation efficiency: 3 minutes;

· The loss assessment qualification is very stable and endorsed by the platform;

· At least 70% of the fixed loss price;

· The loss determination management fee is 10% lower than the average claim amount of the industry;

Dolphin new energy SAAS platform

The new energy SAAS service platform can manage the new energy vehicle insurance, charging pile property insurance, charging station liability insurance, and uniformly summarize the enterprise's charging pile policy information, vehicle information, policy information and claim settlement information into the system for management. It can effectively help the enterprise's managers look at all the data, so that they can easily view the monthly vehicle insurance and claim settlement. Remind the enterprise manager of the insurance policy expiration warning information in real time. Help enterprise managers avoid the possible risks of vehicle de insurance, use and claim settlement.

The new energy applet can meet the needs of mobile end users, and facilitate the charging pile insurance inquiry, enterprise vehicle insurance inquiry, property insurance report and policy management.

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