CEGN & Dolphin Baobao: Your One-Stop Charging Network Solution

CEGN and Dolphin Baobao join forces to provide a comprehensive suite of charging network solutions. We offer everything you need to manage your charging network efficiently, from charging station installation and maintenance to insurance coverage and real-time data management with our Dolphin platform. This collaborative approach ensures seamless operation and optimal performance for your charging network.

Protect Your Assets: Charging station Liability Insurance

Secure peace of mind with CEGN's charging Station product liability insurance. This insurance protects you from legal liabilities arising from personal injury or property damage caused by product defects in your charging Station during their intended use. Ensure peace of mind and focus on running your business with confidence.

Avoid potential legal liabilities. CEGN's charging solutions product liability insurance protects your business from product defects. Contact us today!

Protect Your Assets: Charging Station Liability Insurance

Ensure comprehensive protection for your charging stations with CEGN's charging station product liability insurance. Our policy covers:

Property damage: Protects your charging station against unexpected events.

Third-party bodily injury: Covers any personal injury caused by your charging station to individuals using them.

Employee injury: Provides coverage for any accidents sustained by your staff while operating or maintaining the charging station.

CEGN Dolphin Baobao: Streamlined EV Insurance

Get competitive insurance coverage for your new energy vehicle with CEGN Dolphin Baobao! We offer a variety of customizable plans, instant quotes, and a seamless claims process. Enjoy:

Competitive rates: Get the best deals with our extensive network of insurers.

Choice and flexibility: Choose from multiple coverage options to fit your needs.

Fast and easy quotes: Receive personalized quotes in just 3 minutes.

Reliable claims process: Our platform streamlines the claims process for a smooth experience.

CEGN Dolphin: Simplified Charging Network Management

CEGN Dolphin, our innovative SAAS platform, simplifies charging network management. It allows you to easily manage new energy vehicle insurance, charging pile insurance, and claim settlements, all in one centralized system. Gain real-time data insights, receive insurance expiration reminders, and avoid potential risks. 

Additionally, the mobile app empowers your users with convenient access to insurance information and policy management.

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