About Platform

Our platform is designed to create a New Energy Vehicle (NEV) service ecosystem. This ecosystem is based on a comprehensive layout that includes new energy sources, shared vehicles, charging stations, and networks. With a focus on intelligent and safe charging, smart monitoring, AI data operations, and industry interconnectivity, our platform is committed to enhancing operational efficiency for businesses. We aim to build a robust charging ecosystem and ensure the sustainable growth of our service chain.

Platform’s Advantages
Professional R&D Team: Our team provides fast system updates and rapid iteration speed.
User Attraction: We attract a large number of users across multiple platforms.
Industry Experience: We have rich industry experience and a considerable market scale.
Easy Access: Users can easily access and use the system immediately after logging in.
High Automation: Our system is highly automated for easy operation.
Comprehensive Functionality: We fully comply with charging demands and offer complete functions.
Secure and Fast: We ensure safe information transmission and fast settlement.
AI Modeling: We utilize AI modeling for data-based management.
Intelligent Monitoring: We offer intelligent operation and maintenance monitoring for wireless station management.
Product Services
Charging Cloud platform

Our Charging Cloud Platform offers comprehensive solutions for your business. We provide detailed planning for station construction, ensuring that every step of the process is efficient and effective. Our robust assets management system keeps track of all your valuable resources, giving you peace of mind. We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships, which is why we offer a revenue-sharing model for contracted station construction. Additionally, we manage all information related to equipment assets, ensuring that everything is accounted for and easily accessible.

Electricity Price Allocation and Operation Plan

We support the setting of electricity prices, including both single and rate electricity pricing. Our platform also facilitates the targeted charging plans for various AC/DC charging piles and stations.

Safety Monitoring for Station Operations & Maintenance

Experience the convenience of unattended operations with our automatic station management system. Enjoy real-time online monitoring of your stations, receive pre-warnings for equipment faults, and handle system errors seamlessly.

Charge Settlement, Account Checking, and Revenue Sharing

Enjoy the security of safe information transmission and data storage for your equipment transactions. With our T+N fast account checking and revenue sharing, you can receive your charging revenues instantly.

Data Acquisition and Operation Analysis

Streamline your operations with our quick analysis of station operations. This will help reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enable you to adjust operation decisions based on multi-dimensional station operation statements.

Marketing Activities for Increased Customer Loyalty and Benefits

Engage in our marketing activities designed to increase customer loyalty and provide mutual benefits. Join us in creating a community of satisfied customers.

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