3A Service: Comprehensive After-Sales Support

Experience fast, reliable after-sales support with our comprehensive 3A service solution. We offer 24/7 response, a network of 57 service locations, and a three-level service system to ensure your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

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Empower Your Team: Comprehensive Training & Support Services

Suggestion: Invest in your team's success with CEGN's comprehensive training and support services. We offer a wide range of programs, including both preliminary and advanced maintenance training, operational training, application case optimization workshops, and training on core principles. This empowers your team with the knowledge and skills they need to maximize the efficiency and performance of your charging network.

Streamline Operations with Our Cloud Services

Suggestion: Optimize your charging network operations with CEGN's robust cloud services. We offer a comprehensive suite, including 400 service (customer service hotline), cloud management services, and dedicated app access, enabling you to monitor, manage, and optimize your charging network remotely, all from one centralized platform.

24/7 Emergency Service: Expert Support When You Need It Most

Suggestion: Experience fast, reliable support with CEGN's 24/7 emergency service. Our expert engineers provide on-site installation supervision, emergency equipment replacement, equipment commissioning, disassembly & maintenance, and installation services, ensuring your operations are up and running quickly and efficiently, even in unexpected situations.

One-Stop Equipment Solutions: Rent, Procure, Manage & More

Get the equipment you need when you need it with CEGN's comprehensive resource-based service. We offer equipment rental, procurement, supply, and management, along with testing and maintenance services, ensuring you have the right equipment for your needs, always in top condition.

Proactive Equipment Care: Patrols, Maintenance, Cleaning

Prevent equipment issues and ensure optimal performance with our comprehensive preventive service plan. This includes regular patrol inspectionsproactive maintenance, and thorough equipment cleaning, minimizing downtime and extending equipment lifespan.

CEGN Total Package Service: EPC & Station Management

CEGN provides comprehensive EPC & station management services, ensuring a seamless experience for your charging network.

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Xiangqian Kuaixiu APP

The Xiangqi Kuaixiu app empowers field service engineers to streamline after-sales operations for charging networks. It features intelligent dispatching, paperless troubleshooting, real-time problem tracking, and remote station inspections. Additionally, the app allows engineers to create work orders and track monthly order processing, providing valuable data for performance evaluation.

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