CL5830-C08 series Integrated AC/DC EVSE

Say goodbye to charging limitations and hello to flexibility with the CL5830-C08 series Integrated AC/DC EVSE. This powerhouse offers the ultimate in charging versatility, letting you simultaneously power electric vehicles with both AC and DC charging—perfect for catering to a diverse fleet or offering a wide range of charging options to your customers.

Product Details

Smart features elevate your charging experience:

  • Double-gun intelligent power distribution: Optimize charging efficiency for two DC and one AC connection simultaneously.

  • Wide voltage range: Adapts to various grid conditions with an output range of 300-1000VDC.

  • Smart charging and load balancing: Integrates seamlessly with energy management systems for optimal grid stability.

  • 7-inch LCD touch screen: Monitor charging status, adjust settings, and access real-time data with ease.

  • Temperature control fan system: Minimizes noise and energy consumption while maintaining optimal performance.

  • OTA upgrades: Stay ahead of the curve with remote software updates that enhance functionality and security.

  • Comprehensive safety features: Hardware-level interlock monitoring and advanced protection mechanisms guarantee safe and reliable operation.


The CL5830-C08 series' versatility makes it ideal for a variety of applications:

  • EV Bus Stations: Power your electric bus fleet efficiently with AC or DC charging, ensuring on-time service and minimizing downtime.

  • Highway Gas/Service Stations: Attract EV drivers and boost customer satisfaction by offering both AC and DC fast charging options.

  • Parking Garages: Enhance the appeal of your facility with convenient AC and DC charging amenities for tenants and visitors.

  • EV Dealer Workshops: Equip your service bays with flexible charging capabilities to streamline repairs and maintenance for diverse electric vehicles.

  • Commercial Fleet Operators: Keep your electric delivery trucks, taxis, or other commercial vehicles charged and ready to go, maximizing productivity and uptime.

  • EV Infrastructure Operators and Service Providers: Expand your charging network with a reliable and adaptable AC/DC charging solution that caters to various vehicle types and power needs.

Technicla Specifications

Basic parameters


Model CL5830-C08A CL5830-C08B CL5830-C08C CL5830-C08DCL5830-C08E
InputPower supply 3P+N+PE
Max current340A
OutputVoltage CCS2/GBT:150~1000V   CHAdeMO:150~500V  Type2:360~440V
Max current CCS2:200A   CHAdeMO:125A   Type2:32A   GBT:250A
Rated powerCCS2:60~180kW  CHAdeMO:30/60kW  GBT:60~180kW  Type2:22kW
User InterfaceCharge plugCCS2+CHAdeMO
Cable length 5 meter (Optional)
Enclosure Galvanized Steel
LED indicator Green/Yellow/Red
LCD display 7" Color Touchable LCD
RFID card readerNon-contact (ISO/IEC14443 A)
POS terminal Optional
Start method QR-code/ Card/ Password
Communication Interface Ethernet/4G
Electrical PerformanceEfficiency ≥95%(Half load and above)
Power factor ≥0.98(Rated load)
Harmonic distortion rate ≤5%( Half load and above)
Ripple coefficient ≤1%(Peak to peak)
SafetyEnergy MeterAC METER(MID); DC METER(PTB optional),Accuracy 1.0
Emergency stop Yes
Protection grade IP54 and IK10
Electrical protectionOver-current, Leakage, Short Circuit, Grounding, Lightning, Under-voltage,Over-voltage and Over-temperature
Certification CE、CB、UKCA、AU、NZ
StandardEN/IEC 61851-1,EN/IEC 61851-23,IEC 61851-24,EN/IEC 61851-21-1



Installation Floor mounted
Cooling Forced Fan cooling
Temperature Working at -25℃~﹢50℃     Storage at-40℃~﹢70℃
Humidity 5%~95% (Non-condensation)
Altitude ≤2000m
PackageProduct size 850*850*1800mm(W*D*H)
Package size 1186*966*2034mm(L*W*H)
N.W. (no module)324kg324kg 318kg 318kg318kg
G.W. (no module)418kg 418kg 412kg 412kg412kg

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